塔の家の地下室で昭和41年に 東孝光建築研究所として始まった

In 1966 in the basement of the tower of the house
Began as Takamitsu Azuma Building Research Institute

And worked a lot of work with a focus on urban residence, such as tower houses and millet Tsuji House, housing has been designed the number more than 100. On the other hand, it is responsible for the Mitsui Group Pavilion of architectural design of Osaka World Exposition of 1970, also, Satsuki nursery, Kiyohito nursery, such as housing, such as facilities and Watt House for children, such as Seishin nursery also worked have been.
In response to the Takamitsu Azuma was appointed to Osaka University professor of his alma mater in 1983, Rie Azuma (Takamitsu eldest daughter) is I want to change the east Environment and Building Research Institute and the name will be representative. Sets the east Takamitsu and Rie Azuma partnership, Ohara Atelier, Asagaya of home, from residential design, such as Shimofusa Zhongshan house, Higashiyama kindergarten, Osaka University Information System Engineering school, Himeji Institute of Technology Shosha Memorial Hall, Osaka Station renovation such as public buildings of the design also I have done. In 1994, East Takamitsu is awarded the Architectural Institute of Japan Award for “a series of urban housing that leads to the house from the tower of the house Asagaya”. With, such as the current housing designed around Rie Azuma, hotels Bleston Court, it has also carried out the design, such as resort facilities such as Hoshino Hot Springs / dragonfly of hot water.
  • 1966 Tower House

  • 1969 Akatsuka House

  • 1971 Awatsuji House

  • 1973 Satsuki Nursery School

  • 1977 Wat House

  • 1981 House at Omiya

  • 1982 House at Hanegi

  • 1983 Atelier at Aoyama

  • 1984 Hashimoto Baptist Church

    東 孝光

    Azuma Takamitsu
    Graduat from Osaka University Faculty of Engineering Building Engineering in 1957, Work in Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications Building Department / 1960 Join Junzo Sakakura Architectural Office / 1967 independent / 1968 Establish Azuma Architects & Associates / 1985 Professor of Osaka University / 1997 Professor Emeritus of Osaka University / 1997 to 2003 Professor of Chiba Institute of Technology / 1985 ~ Takamitsu Azuma + Azuma Architects & Associates
  • 1985?


東 利恵/代表

東 環境・建築研究所代表取締役

RIE AZUMA / Representative

1959Born In Osaka
1982Graduated from Japan Women’s University
1984Completed the School of Architecture
at Tokyo University
1986Completed the Graduate School of Architecture at Cornell University (1988 Master oF Architecture)
1959Established Azuma Architects & Associates